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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Kelauni Cook had been to one too many tech events where she was the only black female in the room to remain quiet any longer. “I’m always, always, always the only black female,” the 28-year-old director of one of Academy Pittsburgh’s coding boot camps wrote .(read more)

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The Pitt News

While it may be impossible for Pittsburgh to ever fully shake its infamous Steel City nickname, the city is taking strides to become something different. .(read more)

Kelauni Cook speaking about lack of diversity in tec


Software engineer Kelauni Cook moved to Pittsburgh last year with the intention of enhancing her coding skills and finding a job. But her life changed last April when she hosted Where is Black Tech in Pittsburgh?, an Inclusive Innovation Week event that gathered local Black entrepreneurs, City Council members .(read more)

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Kelauni Cook isn’t your typical software engineer.

And it’s not because she learned how to code — and what computer coding was — a year ago or because she moved from North Dakota to Pittsburgh to learn it.

“I’m always the only black female,” Cook said. .(read more)

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City Lab

Pittsburgh has declared itself an “inclusive innovation city,” meaning it is committed to making sure that white people aren’t the only beneficiaries of the tech-based economy it’s trying to cultivate. Here’s how that’s working out. .(read more)

Black Tech Nation founder Kelauni Cook in front of Pittsburgh skyline

The Incline

It started with one question: Where is black tech in Pittsburgh?

Kelauni Cook, 28, moved to Pittsburgh about a year ago to attend a coding boot camp at Academy Pittsburgh. The former high school teacher fell in love with coding and dove into the city’s tech scene. She’s now a software developer and an instructor at Academy Pittsburgh Beta Builders, a high school coding boot camp for girls and minority students. .(read more)

Kelauni Cook at Work Hard Pittsburgh offices

Pittsburgh Magazine

It was the first warm day in May, so Kelauni Cook decided to take an afternoon break. From the lock-secured office of Work Hard Pittsburgh in Allentown, she trekked up a steady hill for about 10 minutes until she finally reached her favorite spot.

“This is where we used to go for lunch breaks when I was at Academy Pittsburgh,” she says, ducking through a small outdoor theater space to stand at the balcony behind. She stared at the striking skyline of Downtown, the river and bridges ahead. .(read more)

Pittsburgh City Council meeting about diversity in tech

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Software engineer Kelauni Cook brought a panel of six, including herself, before Pittsburgh City Council on Thursday to discuss Pittsburgh’s burgeoning tech economy — and the lack of black talent being cultivated and recruited in the city. .(read more)

City Council meeting about lack of diversity in tech

The Incline

A commission or task force focusing on black technology in Pittsburgh may soon be suggested to City Council.

During a more than 90-minute conversation Thursday at a City Council post-agenda meeting, council member Theresa Kail-Smith — who requested the meeting— said the creation of that task force or commission might be the first legislation she’ll propose on the topic. .(read more)